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My Mission: To end the early-morning closet stare down.


How many hours have you spent staring at your closet waiting for inspiration? Waiting for the perfect outfit to jump out at you? Waiting for all your clothes to magically fit?  I can provide the guidance that gets the right pieces into your wardrobe and sends the wrong pieces packing.


My Mission: To end PMSD - Post-Mall Shock Disorder


Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated whenever you enter a department store? Do you actively fear the sales staff? Do you end up with large bills and still nothing to wear? Let me be your guide through the confusing, overstimulating, and yes, occasionally terrifying, experience known as the mall.


My Mission: To Help Women Feel Beautiful and Empowered


Do you remember feeling comfortable in your clothes?  Do you remember feeling comfortable in your skin? Do you remember feeling attractive and well dressed? I can help you reclaim those feelings, because it's not your body, it's the clothes. Alas, bodies change over time and we can't all wear the jeans we wore in high school, but I can help you find the right pieces for your body right now.  


My Mission: To Bring Fashion and Style to the Triangle


Mayberry, no longer. The Triangle NC is one of the fastest growing areas in the country and as we get upscale restaurants, great shows at the DPAC, and major sporting events in the area, the citizens of the Triangle are also becoming more cosmopolitan. It's time to retire the pleated khakis, the mom jeans, and egad, the crocs and step into a brave new world of fashion and style! What fun we'll have!!!


Karen Antle Fashion Consulting: Creating Wardrobes both Functional and Beautiful.

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