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“Karen understands how to interpret the fashions of the season so that they are appropriate for me.  I used to feel overwhelmed and frustrated by what I saw in the stores and what was being told to me by eager-to-sell sales clerks. Since working with Karen, I have learned what colors and styles look the best on me. I can see the results when I look in the mirror and the compliments I receive from my friends and family! Now I know what I need before I ever hit the stores - I love to shop now!" Jennifer, 38.



I could never "complete an outfit", find the shoes and purse and jewelry that makes everything come together.  Working with Karen has taught me how to find the pieces to complete outfits without spending too much time (and money!) looking for them”. June, 64.


“I don't like to shop for clothes but when I'm going out or there is a special occasion I have to dress for, I usually wear the same tired jeans and a sweater.  Karen found out what I wanted, what I would and would not wear, how much I wanted to spend and in one short afternoon, she pulled together several pieces that all work great together and look good on me.” Greg, 54.

“I decided to retain Karen’s services when my daughter became a teenager.  I want my daughter to dress appropriate for her age and found the clothes in the stores too provocative.  Karen found the looks I could approve of and my daughter would wear.  Just as important, my daughter trusted Karen to make sure she looked cool.” Lisa, 43, mother of Emilie, 17.

“To be organized and travel ready - those were my reasons for contacting Karen.  I love to travel and do so for business and pleasure, but "last minute" shopping and packing was making me very stressed before a trip.  Karen is very organized and through her help, I learned to streamline my packing and to put together outfits that worked for a variety of functions without over stuffing my suitcase." Dr.D, 47.


I love having something special to wear for an evening out, without having to spend lots of money in a last minute desperation shopping spree.  Karen introduced beautiful colors and sparkle to my evening wardrobe and now I have more than just a "little black dress" to wear for dinner out with my husband.” Carolyn R.

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